Frequently Asked Questions

Why thehouse?

As outgoing people born and raised in the Newport Beach area, Sara and Keith Jarrett have likely experienced most every fine dining establishment, cocktail room, or music house in town. Like you, they feel blessed to have the means to enjoy such experiences.

Nevertheless, no matter how well off you are, you know how much hard work it takes to get there. So even if you can fully afford it, it’s still sometimes eye-widening when the check comes after a full night of dinner and drinks with friends.

So, one night after just such an experience, Sara and Keith had one of those “Wouldn’t it be great…” moments.

As a backdrop to the conversation that ensued, its useful to know that Keith is President and Cofounder of the Distinguished Clubs award program, which is the preeminent authority on private club best practices. Through this role, Keith recently came across a new paradigm being explored with great success in food and beverage operations within private clubs.

Simply put, this new approach abandons the status quo practice of using retail restaurant markup pricing and instead involves using member dues to simply subsidize the entire operation. In this model, dues pay for all of the operational fixed costs, including the salaries of everyone from chefs and servers to valets and dishwashers. This then allows the club to provide the highest quality offering at a mere 10% over actual ingredient costs across the board.

So back to that conversation, Sara and Keith pondered, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to a fine dining establishment in a great location and not feel so taken advantage of with each $25 martini or a $65 filet – somewhere where we could focus on how much we were enjoying the food, the drinks, and our friends instead of thinking about the inevitable bill?”

But there was no such place.

So they decided to create it themselves.

Welcome to…

What are the benefits of membership?
Everything at thehouse will be “cost plus 10”. In other words, the price you pay for anything you purchase at thehouse will be just 10% over the ingredient cost that the club actually pays. For instance, with “cost plus 10,” a delicious Cedar Plank Coho Salmon is $13.00. At Mastro’s it would sell for $47. As for cocktails, a generous Belvedere on the rocks might cost you $18 or more elsewhere, but at thehouse, it is $5.
What is included in membership dues?
  • Cost plus 10.
  • Participation fee for the Distinguished Clubs Network.
  • thehouse Wine Cellar.
  • Valet service.
  • Dock valet service (250 feet of dock space).
What is the Distinguished Clubs Network?

thehouse is part of the Distinguished Clubs Network (DCN).

Through an online platform that showcases clubs and facilitates visitation arrangements, DCN provides concierge-level service to DCN participating members who seek visits to some of the finest clubs and most exclusive venues in the world.

Play golf at some of the most storied courses in the country and parts the world.

Stay at historic city clubs located in the heart of the country’s most dynamic cities.

Savor seaside dining at renowned yacht clubs.

Additional opportunities include tennis, spa treatments, meeting facilities and special events.

See the OFFICIAL list of currently-awarded Distinguished Clubs.

Can I visit thehouse by boat?

250 feet of exclusive dock space is available for all members of thehouse and their accompanied guests. Dock valet service is provided.

Does the club allow minors inside?

You must be 21 or over to enter the club. Minors can accompany members on the dock space.

How many guests can I bring?

Individual Members can bring up to three (3) guests with them inside the club, a total of four (4) people. Couple Members can bring up to two (2) guests with them inside the club, a total of (4) people.

What days will the club be open to members?

The club will be opened Wednesday through Friday for lunch, Wednesday through Sunday for dinner and cocktails; Saturday and Sunday brunch.

What is the attire?

When inside the club, members and their accompanied guests are required to wear appropriate stylish attire.

Are joining fees refundable?

Joining fees for members are not refundable.

Can I transfer or assign my membership?

Members may not transfer or assign their membership.

Additional questions?